DBT Vitality currently serves clients 13 and up.

We acknowledge that research shows that DBT has helped many clients with varying symptoms, presenting problems, and mental health diagnoses.  DBT Vitality aims to treat clients who have the most acute, life threatening symptoms.  Our program is not suited for clients with Conduct Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, or active delusions or hallucinations.

Clients who have experienced one or more of the following in the last six months may be eligible for our program:

  • Self injury

  • Suicide attempt

  • Eating disordered behaviors

Eligibility for services is determined at the time of assessment.  After referrals are received, potential clients will be screened through a telephone interview.  Subsequently, potential clients who meet initial criteria will receive a full Diagnostic Evaluation and Assessment for program fit.  Clients who do not meet eligibility will be provided recommendations and referrals to community providers.

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